BBBYond cheap!

Here’s the official answer to why Bed Bath and Beyond built their wart onto the side of the McKinley Mall:

Hi Derek,

You are not the only one who has expressed some frustration with the entrance of Bed Bath & Beyond! This was a corporate decision by Bed Bath & Beyond to lay the store out this way.

It is very difficult to staff two entrances so they decided to go with one at the front.

I do apologize for any inconvenience it has caused you. I dont believe there are any plans to change it at this time.

Thank you for shopping at McKinley Mall.

Kim McMillan
Assistant Marketing Manager

Why go through all the trouble of building onto the mall if you have no intentions of utilizing the benefit of the mall? There are two empty buildings not attached to the mall (the former Media Play and Oak Furniture stores) that could have been filled instead. I think it was a bad decision by BBBY and a surprising lack of influence by the mall’s owners to do what makes sense for the mall.

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