But I just had to share!  I am officially 38 weeks, 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced.  (Effacement is the thinning out of the cervix in order to let a baby out, for those of you who don’t know pregnancy).  The waiting is killing me and every little twitch, pain and jump makes me wonder, “Am I going into REAL labor?”.  But even being as progressed as I am, does not mean that it is happening tonight, or even next week!  It is so very difficult at this stage to go about your daily business without thinking about going into labor sometime soon.  But, dinner’s have to be made, and laundry has to be done so I just keep on keeping on until she decides it would be nice to stop kicking her Momma in the stomach right after dinner.  🙂

Hopefully the next post I make will be to tell you all about labor and delivery.  YUMMY!!  🙂

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