Thanks to everyone for their well wishes! Amanda has been pretty consistently sick since finding out she was pregnant, but it’s been getting progressively worse over the past week. Today, a quick call to the doctor won her a free (co-pay not included) trip in for an exam. Two urine tests later, they determined she was pretty well dehydrated, which won her a free (after Tier-III prescription copay) bottle of anti-nausea pills. The results are like night and day. She’s eating, laughing, and hopefully avoiding a free (except that we’re on the 80% coverage plan) trip to the hospital tomorrow.

Also, much, much, much thanks to Amanda’s Mother for coming over and helping pre-babysit!

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  1. Time to start up the “what should we name the baby” thread!

    I’ll hold off on my suggestions for a boy until you create the new thread.

    Still working on the girl names…

  2. We have a few names we’re tossing around, but I don’t think we’ll be letting the blogosphere pick (or comment) on them first. Not even sure if we’ll tell the family first or not. 🙂

  3. Congratulations! I wish you nothing but the best and I am so happy for you. As for a name, Im like John 😉 .

  4. Fine.

    Here’s my suggestions anyways:

    BOY – Glenn, Ralph, Sylvester, Barry, Tyler

    GIRL – Gloria, Agnes, Florence, Rita, Helen

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