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The radio this morning nailed it home. They were reporting on some survey of “young adults” and the upcoming election cycle. “The majority of 18-29 year olds feel they will have a significant impact on the next election.” That’s when I realized that as of yesterday, I was no longer part of that demographic. I was the next checkbox down on most surveys. Someone get the whiteout – I’m in the 30-34 slot now.

Actually, the days leading up to turning 30 haven’t been too bad, although they certainly haven’t been what one might consider “calm.” The first half of the year’s work is culminating in this weekend’s rollout of our SharePoint installation. Corresponding with that, I’m taking on a new role at work, one which I literally wrote my own job description for, and will be Praxair’s first Information Architect. The position is so new that at the moment I don’t have a supervisor, and I have about seven years of knowledge to transfer to someone else so that I can begin to focus on my new role.

I wish I could say that those were the only major stressors in my life at the moment, but there are one or two others that are actually bigger than the ones I listed. More on those in the future, when they are more appropriate to talk about in a public forum.

Thanks to everyone that came over yesterday night for my birthday celebration! I greatly appreciate your company and gifts. Special thanks to Amanda for putting it together, amidst all the other chaos going on at the moment. I love you! 🙂

And now… here’s the moon, as taken through my new 75mm-300mm zoom lens last night. 😉

Infinitely awesome

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