Taking advantage of the weather

I managed to do something with the beautiful weather we had this extended weekend that I hadn’t had a chance to do all year – wash and wax BOTH cars. Those tasks always seem to get pushed to the back burner during the summer when the home improvement projects are in full swing. With the outstanding unseasonable weather this weekend, though, it was like it was calling to me. I answered. This was just a protective waxing, not a full detailing. In the spring, I’ll give each car a full exterior and interior detailing. I start with a washing, sometimes twice if it’s really grimy from winter, then spot treat any tar or bug spots, followed by a clay bar treatment of really stuck on stuff, application of a paint cleaner, then a polish, and finally a wax coating. That whole process generally takes a whole day, so if I follow it with an interior detailing, it’s a whole weekend process of prepping one car. That’s the main reason why it rarely gets done.

Also this weekend, I officially closed the mouse hunt with a final tally of 21. I don’t plan on going back up in the attic unless I hear them again.

Of course, I also got all the outside Christmas lights up. That doesn’t take too long, since we keep the lights pretty simple. At least, until I invest in a bunch of Insteon home automation stuff. Griswolds beware!

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