New Dollar Tree store near McKinley Mall

While out trying to find Amanda a new easter bonnet, er… outfit, we noticed that Dollar Tree has moved into the former Oak Expressions (whatever the name was, don’t remember exactly) building. This in itself wouldn’t be big news except that it IS big. Real big. That store is huge compared to most other Dollar Tree locations that I’ve seen.

I’m not a big fan of dollar stores, but there are a few things that I’ll usually go to them regularly for. Especially camping supplies that have a tendency to get ruined easily.

McKinley Dollar Tree

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  1. You’ll love Dollar Tree! It’s the best of the dollar stores. New York City does do you one better, though, In the city they have 99-cent stores, not to be outdone. We have a Dollar Tree in our local shopping center, here in the NYC suburbs. But my heart belongs to Buffalo, having grown up in Hamburg. Love the Bills, Sabres, Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree! I still can’t believe they built a Wal-Mart at Seven Corners. That put us on the map. Best regards all.

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