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A few weeks ago I joined the Southtowns Moms meetup group on I was a little apprehensive about it, seeing that I am on the shier side when I first meet people I don’t know, but I am SOOOO glad I did! I went to the first meeting, introduced myself to some of the women there and when I turned around, Rosanne was standing there! We have gone through both High School and College together, both in choirs and chorus all the time, and keep running into each other since graduating Buff State. It was so great to see her again and meet her daughter! She is actually expecting again in about a week from now, and with my little girl on the way in October, we are looking forward to making play dates with the two of them.

The other Moms I met are really nice too. Yesterday I went to the Zoo with a bunch of them and got to meet some other really nice people as well! One girl is actually good friends with someone we keep in touch with on our blog. Small World syndrome is always amazing to me!

I can’t wait to keep getting together with these ladies and meeting more of them and their children before our baby girl is born. It will be a great way to keep us both busy and out of the house!!

Best of the Southtowns

Now here’s something I haven’t done in a long time!

This week it is the Mansard Inn! It sits behind (or in front of depending on where you are) the railroad tracks that cross Abbott Rd. It is only about 2 minutes from our house, yet we had never been there until Friday night! We had a bit of a celebratory dinner with my first pay check and all.

Very very good food! Our waitress’s name was Chrissy and she was just a phenominal person! We are definitely going to ask for her again when we go next time. Anyway, she suggested some things for us and everything was mouth-wateringly awesome! They bring you a basket of bread and crackers and THEN a selection of freshly baked (still hot) muffins! The corn bread and lemon poppyseed were incredible!

Derek feasted on a pineapple curry tilapia with greek potatos. He finished everything on his plate. I had the stuffed lobster tail with rice pilaf and finished everything edible on my plate. The portions were perfect. For dessert, Derek had a peach melba sundae which he finished before I could try any and I had the rice pudding. Just like Mom used to make. 🙂

Definitely a good choice for dinner if you are looking for a bit more upscale place without giving up comfort or good sized portions! Enjoy!!

Best of ……. the Southtowns!!

Ok folks, those who dare to read this absurdity spouted by an over-heated teacher turned housewife talking to her cat all day. 🙂 Back to the task at hand! My Best Of… series!

This week goes to the fun filled four day corn fest held in Eden. YES!! The Eden Corn Fest! The place where corn is king and goldfish are easily won! (Ask Derek about that one)

We have gone to the Eden Corn Fest many times and although it is a smaller event, it is worth seeing, if only to get the best damn corn you’ve ever had! It’s great, you go up to a counter, mostly reserved just for the ordering and subsequent consumation of corn, and order however many ears you want. Then, as they come out nice and hot, they dip them in these huge (I’m talking stockpot huge) pots of BUTTER. God only knows how many pounds of butter are in those pots, but it is worth every ounce! Tables are set up with pepper and salt and napkins galore, cause with all that butter there come drips.

There is a midway, lots of entertainment, lots of food and lots of crafts! So if you are wondering what might keep you occupied this Thurs.-Sun., make the trip out to the ‘burbs for the Eden Corn Fest!!!

The Best of…….The Southtowns!!!

Hello fellow Bloggers! Today marks a special day in that I am starting a new weekly post! 🙂 It is going to be a place where you can find those little obscure places in the suburbs (mainly the Southtowns, cause that’s where we live, eat and play) but I am sure there will be the occasional Northtowns addition as well, so don’t hold that against me. 🙂 Thank you!

Our first Best Of goes out to David’s Grille in Orchard Park! Located on the historic Four Corners in this upscale suburban town, it offers visitors the chance to dine in quiet elegance while enjoying cosmopolitan fare. Derek and I have eaten there many times and it is definitely the place to be and be seen in Orchard Park. Here’s what they say on their site…

Named for one of the founding fathers of Orchard Park, Quaker David Eddy,
David’s Grille is located in the heart of the village at Orchard Park’s four corners.

Developers, owners and Orchard Park residents, Peter Krog and David Hart chose the restaurant’s site with a purpose – to return the tradition of dining and imbibing back to the historic four corners. A tradition that was interrupted with the demolition of the Shore’s Orchard Downs in 2001.

So, if you are in the mood for a more dressy dinner that will take your breath away, don’t wait! Make the trip into Orchard Park and head for David’s for a very special meal! There is parking on the street right outside the door and public parking up the street a bit. And if you are wine lovers like Derek and I have become, you will absolutely LOVE the Pepperwood Grove Pinot Noir they offer as well! A bottle with dinner truly makes the meal complete!!