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Frustration’s High

So it’s been 8 months since we decided to forgo protection and actually begin seriously trying to have a baby. I never thought it would take this long! I have been charting with TCOYF (that’s Taking Charge of Your Fertility, home-gamers 😉 ) and keeping track of everything it seems except how many times I blow my nose a day and still nothing. I have literally stood on my head and still nothing. Every month I go through the same thing, thinking I’m pregnant and then sighing on that “wonderful” day AF comes. Then actually thinking that maybe I am pregnant, because some women still get AF during the first few months. We even got a kitten, which I’ve wanted for a while anyway. I thought this might keep my attention on other things or take the place of the desire for a bit. No such luck. I could blame work, where I am surrounded by 12-17 three and four year old’s randomly telling me that they love me all day. But that only makes me know for sure that I am ready and definitely want kids. Because of my job I all ready know there is nothing like the love of a child and I can’t wait to share that love with our own. I wish that I could stop thinking about it, but how can I when the things we are doing are the exact things that make a baby??!! We ARE having tons of fun trying, don’t get me wrong! But I’m beginning to think there’s something wrong, or maybe a step that we’re missing? It is very difficult to be patient in this world of fast returns and instant access. Maybe waiting just isn’t my strong point. I have a feeling we have a long way to go…..

A New Year

2006. It has started off very nicely and hopefully it will only get better. On Tuesday I will have officially been at my new job Buffalo Hearing and Speech Center for 3 whole months!! It seems like I have been there for a year already simply because of all the work I’ve been doing so far. I’m just amazed at the fact that I am only 3 months old there! It is such a long way to 401K’s and vacation bonuses and all that other good stuff that comes from being at a job for a while.

We had our first official poker night of the year yesterday evening and I am proud to say that I played very well. I lost, but I played well. The two hands I lost on were played correctly, just not my luck with them. One I had two pair, K’s and Q’s, the other I had a pair of Q’s and you can’t throw those away!! You have to play them! It was just that things came up better for other people, like my Dad who ultimately threw me out when he got trip 4’s. TRIP 4’s!!!! Ah well. It was fun while it lasted.

Our kitty Isis was fine throughout the holidays too, these being his first and all. He was not impressed with the wrappings on Christmas nor bothered by the loud festivities of the New Year rolling in. He is sitting on my lap right now giving himself a bath, completely oblivious to my flying figers on the keyboard. He is truly a beautiful cat and we are growing to love him more and more each day. 🙂 Thank you, Sweetheart!!

Anyway, back to laundry and dinner. Have a good week, everyone!!

Wonderful Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas with all our family and friends and can not thank everyone enough for all the wonderful gifts and good wishes! It is always great to see the family at this time of year and we are thankful that everyone is healthy and happy. Isis enjoyed his first Christmas as well, although not very interested in the wrappings. We can’t wait for more snow and skiing season and the start of the new year!