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Let’s green light New Urbanism in Buffalo

If you’re a Buffalo Rising aficionado, today’s article defining New Urbanism might be your personal mantra. The concept is repeatedly bubbled up in many articles by many of it’s writers. Not surprising, since it’s a very pro-urban publication. I’ve always aligned with the belief that we need a strong urban core in our city for…


If ya can’t stand the suburbs, stay in the city

I’ve said it many times before – I’m completely fine with urban development in the city. I’m even fine with urban development in suburban villages. So why is it that those that love the urban lifestyle are so vehemently against the suburban environment? On Buffalo Rising, we find this post about an urbanist who ventured…

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It’s all Buffalo to me

Buffalo Hodgepodge is a relatively new blogger, but it’s good to see another intelligent person emphasizing a point near and dear to many of us “fringe Buffalonians”… Conflict between Amherst and Buffalo, Clarence and Amherst, Orchard Park and Buffalo, etc. etc. only masks THE big whopping, massive problem – which I’ll call “global economic uncompetitiveness”….