It’s all Buffalo to me

Buffalo Hodgepodge is a relatively new blogger, but it's good to see another intelligent person emphasizing a point near and dear to many of us "fringe Buffalonians"... Conflict between Amherst and Buffalo, Clarence and Amherst, Orchard Park and Buffalo, etc. etc. only masks THE big whopping, massive problem - which I’ll call “global economic uncompetitiveness”.… Continue reading It’s all Buffalo to me

Don’t hate on the suburbs, Buffalo

Hate is most often brought on by jealousy, and it's obviously the driving force behind many of the comments on Buffalo Rising's article on the newly proposed "Urban Mirage" in Amherst. The city vs. suburbs debate rears it's ugly head yet again. Too many city dwellers refuse to believe that life should exist outside of… Continue reading Don’t hate on the suburbs, Buffalo

Buffalonians piss me off

Every once in awhile, some pompous City of Buffalo resident makes a quip demeaning the work of hundreds, if not thousands of dedicated volunteers who spend countless hours working to improve Buffalo. Today, that remark was reiterated by a commenter and occasional contributor to Buffalo Rising, "Gabe". In his response to Figmo's "Let's Get An… Continue reading Buffalonians piss me off