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Now on Facebook

I decided to give the whole Facebook thing a whirl, and much to my surprise have found oodles of people that I’ve been out of touch with. Facebook is like one big reunion! Family members, high school classmates, RITers, random Buffalo people I don’t even know (I am not adding you all as friends, sorry)…

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Had a minor glitch with the blog that prevented some IE users from seeing some of the newly created pages, like Ariella’s Gift List. Turns out the .htaccess file needed a manual update. Let me know if you see anything else out of whack.

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Of RSS and Twitter

There are lots of great applications and technologies out there for us internet addicts to use as we read and blog. Generally these technologies are invented to fulfill a specific need, but then are frequently adapted by others to extend beyond the original purpose. Generally that purpose is advertising or spam. Take Twitter, for instance….