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Aquarama rubble

The author of the YouTube video I posted in my last Aquarama post directed me towards another of his videos. The end of this video shows two shots of the Aquarama/Marine Star being scrapped in Aliaga, Turkey. It truly is no more.

This pretty much closes the book on the Aquarama. Since we now have a new pile of junk sitting in the Aquarama’s former place on the outer harbor, perhaps we can get Buffalo ReUse to expand and deconstruct floating buildings?

Aquarama aground in Aliaga, Turkey

(reverse angle – you can still see the stripe on the side of the hull)
Aquarama being scrapped in Aliaga, Turkey

Here’s his tribute video:

Aquarama – scrapped

According to the St. Catharines Standard, the Aquarama/Marine Star was scrapped, starting on September 16 last year.

The former passenger and auto ferry Aquarama was sold for scrap and towed to Aliaga, Turkey, last summer. The ship had been idle since 1962.

The deep-sea tug Aetos Z. took the vessel across the Atlantic and down the Mediterranean to Aliaga, Turkey, arriving at the scrapyard on Sept. 16, 2007. It is shown, with scrapping underway, last November, thanks to a photo by Selim San.

The article references a photo that’s not available online. My searches for one have also come up empty. If anyone finds one, please leave a comment and let me know.

Rebirth or oblivion?

Sharon Linstedt, reporter for the Buffalo News, has a story today on the unknown fate of the Aquarama.

The Marine Star, the rusting passenger ferry that spent more than a decade sitting on the Buffalo waterfront, is on its way to Turkey.

But it is still not known whether the once-proud ship is headed to the scrap yard or new life as a floating casino.

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