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A Year of Cloth

This week marks our one year anniversary using cloth diapers! I had wanted to try them out from before Ariella was born, but everyone I knew at that time told me that I was crazy. They said I would never take the time to take care of them, that they were annoying and didn’t work as well as “regular” diapers. I’m not even sure why I wanted to try them at that point, I had no experience with them, I just thought they made sense!

Well, with no support of the idea, and the thought of all that work ahead of me with our first newborn, I gave up and bought disposables for the first nine months. But every time I threw one away, all I could think of was how it was going to sit in a landfill for such a long time that MY disposable diapers from WAY back when are STILL out there somewhere trying to break down.

So I asked a few friends who used them about how easy they were to use, did they leak a lot, did they smell, were they good for baby’s skin, and of course how much work were they. All the ladies I spoke with were gushing about them so much, it got me excited again! But I was also confused about so much, I had no idea where to begin! It seemed like there were so many steps into actually diapering my baby – fold this like this, put this under here and fold this way, then use these things to attach it here, then get the cover and put it over here… – I was lost in all the directions and steps it almost made me give up again!

But thankfully I found the #clothdiapers chat on Twitter one Monday evening, where everyone was talking about the diapers they used, how easy they were and how much they loved them! I got talking with a wonderful woman named Marissa from Growing Green Bums, and she saved me! She sent me links and e-mails, offered to show me on-line how to fold and use the dipes on the baby, and was so encouraging for me to try them out!

With her guidance I chose to go with a bit of an easier version of the cloth diaper, the Bum Genius 3.0’s. The pocket system has been wonderful, and after a full year’s worth of use the only thing I have had to do to them is take out some of the laundry tabs in the back that were scratching my daughter’s back. These diapers are so wonderful, I can not say enough about them!!

Now that we are expecting our second child, I am so excited this one will be a cloth diaper baby from day one. I am hoping that potty training Ariella will come soon, I’ve been so sick so far with #2 that I’ve let it really go by the wayside (bad Mama!). This way I all ready have a good stash for “Poppyseed”, because Ariella should only be wearing them at night. I would like to suppliment our stash somewhat, but now I’m not sure what to get! I wouldn’t mind saving a bit of money and trying some prefolds, but does that make sense when I am used to the ease of the pockets? And then comes what brand to try? There are so many out there it can be confusing trying to figure out what you’d like!

All in all, I am a VERY happy cloth Mama! I have become an advocate within my circle of friends and am a proud cloth diaper user! Happy Anniversary to us!!

All the Interesting Things Happen When Derek is not Home

This is an honest to God testimony of what has just been my evening.

It all started with a baby-style late-after dinner poop. I smelled it when she was playing next to me before bath time. (Cursed Mama nose!) No big deal, these things happen. Since it was almost bath time anyway, I took her upstairs to clean her up and get her in the tub. Instead of putting a new cloth diaper on her, I decided to just let her run around in the bathroom naked while I got the tub ready.

I ran out of the room for honestly 15 seconds to grab the phone out of our bedroom just in case someone called. When I got back into the room I noticed that there was something large, brown, and slimy looking on the floor that hadn’t been there before. I thought, “Oh Shit!” and then promptly realized that it was in fact poop on the floor. Not the “easy to pick up with a wad of toilet paper” either. 🙂

She of course has stepped in the poop by this point and is reveling in the fact that her foot now slides around on the linoleum. Lovely. I pick her up, put her in the bathtub to get her cleaned up, and take care of the floor.

Bath time actually is a lot of fun, despite the mess. After she is all clean and pruny, I dry her off and get her pj’s on and into the crib so I can go downstairs and get her milk ready. Downstairs, I realize that there are no more clean nipples for her bottles. So I get the water hot, get them all soapy and the water runs out. (We have well water out here in Holland-land)

When the water runs out here, you have to wait an indeterminate amount of time for the pump to fill back up. So now I have a toilet with poop in it, because if you flush the toilet while running water into the bathtub it can get very hot, no water to rinse my soapy nipples (go ahead and giggle here), a full load of cloth diapers in the washer that now is half full of rinsing water, a baby who only drank half her milk at bedtime because she doesn’t like milk from a sippy cup spout, and my bladder decides then to make it known that I REALLY have to pee (which I did only to forget about the water and FLUSH).

End of story – the water is back, cloth diapers are clean, baby is sleeping, nipples are no longer soapy, and Derek is home.

Diaper Sprayer

Ever since I bought Ariella’s first stash of Cloth Diapers, Derek has been worried that I would want all the accessories that can go with them.  One of these little toys is a diaper sprayer.  You see, when baby poops in the disposable (‘sposie’ to all us CDing Mama’s) you can shake a little off into the toilet and then throw the rest of the diaper out.  Doing this helps to make the garbage not smell as bad as it could.  With cloth, however, you are obviously not throwing the diaper away, and with some poops it is difficult to shake it off into the toilet.

We have well water, which makes our water pressure exremely low.  So on those sticky poop days I find myself elbow deep into poopy toilet water, or scrubbing with a washcloth (yes I have “special” ones which I use ONLY for diapers) in the sink.  I personally hate putting poop in the bathroom sink.  With a diaper sprayer, it would allow me to spray the poop off the diaper right into the toilet, eliminating the need for me to have a hamat shower after each and every diaper change.

So I have been trying to enter every blogger giveaway to win one of these things, which is the main reason of writing today, to win a sprayer from The Diaper Sprayer brought to us by The First Time Around blog.  I’ll let you know how to turns out. This would really save me a lot of hassle, and Derek can’t complain because it would be FREE!  🙂

The Journey Begins

So on Saturday I received my 6 bumGenius one size pocket diapers! YAY! I took them all apart and looked them over, read and re-read all the instructions sent to me by growinggreenBums and was ready to get these things in use! But first I had to get the detergent to wash them with. I only had Gain at home, and this is not good for the diapers with all the additives and fragrances I want on my other clothes.

My rainbow cloth diaper connection
My rainbow cloth diaper connection

Quite honestly, I only had time to look in Target for detergent, and they didn’t have anything on the approved list I had with me. So on the advice of a few friends, I went with Purex Free and Clear. I’m probably breaking all the rules here, but I’m going to try it out and see if any problems come up.

I made sure I had my extra rinse cycle on and washed them per the instructions, had to dry them in the dryer cause there was no more sun that late in the evening, and then stuffed them before bed!

This morning I put the first cloth diaper on my baby! I was amazed at how soft it felt, and how great it looked on her!

Ariella sporting her first cloth diaper!
Ariella sporting her first cloth diaper!

So far she has only worn two of the six. I am doing them every other change, and she is wearing a disposable for naps and bedtime until I get more. Each time she has only wet, but I know the inevitable is coming…:)

For each wet diaper, I have rinsed them immediately and let them hang over the tub to dry a bit. I won’t be washing them again until tomorrow or Thursday. I am hoping that will help with any odor.

Now onto deciding if this is for me. So far, I like what I am seeing and feeling! Haven’t gone through a washing cycle of dirty diapers yet, but that is soon. I also don’t know if I should stick with bumGenius, or mix and match them? Try different brands? Another issue are accessories, or do you need wet/dry bags and the like? I’m not even sure what other items I might need!

More later on in the week when I do more washing!

My Cloth Diapering Journey

Ever since I found out I was pregnant I have wanted to look more into  cloth diapering. And ever since I expressed that interest, I have found people trying to turn me away from this journey. I have heard , “Oh, it’s so much work!” “You’ll never do more laundry!” “They are so difficult to deal with!” “It’s going to be so much more expensive, I looked up cost charts!”

ARG! Every-one’s comments made me believe that this was not the route for me. So I took the easy way out and began using disposables. But lately I’ve been looking at that huge pile in the trash bin and thinking more and more about how all those dirty diapers are going to sit in some landfill for a very long amount of time.

So, thanks to some wonderful Mommas on Twitter (#clothdiapers) and Marissa (@GrowningGreenBums) giving me all sorts of support and information about these products, I have six one size Bum Genius diapers on the way! I honestly am very excited to be trying them out and am DETERMINED to make it work. Not only am I going to be helping our environment, but our family’s budget as well. Being on one salary is working for now, but until I can get into a teaching job again every cent is counted!

I am hoping to find both the time and energy needed to blog this journey of mine with cloth diapers. Hopefully it will inspire other moms like me to do the same! I’ll start my journey officially when the six arrive. I promise to leave out the really messy, gross parts. 😉