Analog Friend
By Derek J. Punaro

I may not be as dramatic or enigmatic
As those people on the other end of the digital static
Yet when you are with them
I get mad at it all.
I don't want to share you with these frantic and rabid
Who make everything traumatic
Because I've been there before.

You are above it all
And while it may not seem easy to walk away
You can.
It was a crutch for you
But now you don't need it to talk to
Because you have analog friends.

You may think I'm afraid to walk away from you
And the truth is I cannot debate you on this point
I love you.
Please don't think that we're fading
Because I am waiting for you
To realize that this is more than dating
Someone with a crush on you.

I may not know what to say
But when I am with you I just want to parlay
The way that we feel for each other.
Every day when I'm away I just can't wait until later
When we get the chance to invigorate
Our fate.

Now you're thinking, "Do I know?
Should I go to someone else
Where my knowledge of the water is shallow?
Or do I stay here?"
Now you're thinkin' and blinkin' away the tears
That have come 'cause you feel like you're sinkin'
Then you look up
Into my eyes.

And you know in your heart
That I am the one who belongs with you
And you know that even though temptation persuades you
To try new and sometimes you want to
You belong with me.