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Welcome to my music page! Here you’ll find anything I’ve done that I felt was remotely worth putting up on the web.

All music and lyrics on this page are the sole property of Derek J. Punaro, unless otherwise mentioned. Duplication and performance rights restricted without the express written consent of Derek J. Punaro

Modern Art Battle of the Bands at Nietzsche’s
Modern Art took 3rd place (out of six bands) at the 2001 Battle of the Bands at Nietzsche’s. Here’s the audio from our performance.

  • Chameleon – [mp3]
  • Big Train – [mp3]
  • My Little Sunflower – [mp3]

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This music was written for the 1999 RIT Players production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Directed by Gretchen Gast, the show was the first completely student-run and produced show by the Players, and was one of the most successful productions ever staged by RIT. I composed and arranged all the music, as well as directed it during the show.

This music has been used by several school and community theatre groups around the world for their own productions of Midsummer

Overture – [mp3]

Used to start off the show; Played as house lights fade out
Nobles Fanfare – [mp3] Announces the entrance of the King and Queen
Puck’s Theme – [mp3] Scene change music used as a lead in for Puck.
Lullaby – [mp3] Song from Act II, Scene 2
Rustics’ Theme – [mp3]

Scene change music used to lead in the Rustics
Bergomask Dance – [mp3] Dance from Act V, Scene 1
Oberon’s Song – [mp3] Oberon’s song from the end of the play, Act V, Scene 1
Curtain Call – [mp3] Music played during the curtain call

Special thanks to all the musicians that performed for the recording
and in the show!

  • Lindsay Long – trumpet, french horn
  • Sean Radigan – trumpet
  • Chris Sniezak – trumpet
  • Chris Maj – tuba
  • Derek Punaro – clarinet, keyboard
  • Sara Gould – performance clarinetist
  • Christopher Czechowicz – percussion
  • Ron Dufort – recording percussionist, voice of Oberon
  • Kelly Gunter – voice of Titania
  • Sara Berg – voice of Peaseblossom
  • Lindsay Raymondjack – voice of Mustardseed

All musicians played percussion for the Bergomask dance.

Other Music

Come What May
Our wedding song. We thought it would be a nice twist if we sang it ourselves, so we found a karaoke CD and I recorded and mixed us. Then everyone at the wedding got a CD with this and the rest of our wedding music on it.
Darkbolt Theme
This piece was written for Sean Boyle’s
online comic Darkbolt.
Guess It’s Just That Time
This song was “commissioned”
by one of the Praxair eBusiness directors for our end-of-the-project
party, as a fun way to say goodbye. Thanks to
Rockapella for making a perfect recording to remove the vocals on.
Apologies to Billy Joel for mauling his great song.
Phase II Live
I produced this short clip for the announcement
of Praxair’s ebusiness site (Phase II) going live. It was a fun
little foray into using sampling. All audio
clips used are copyrighted by their original authors.
Analog Friend
Wilson Farms Jingle
(Live Version)
This jingle was written for a contest
run by Wilson Farms. This
live version was performed by the RIT Timestompers. I’m singing
and playing the drums.
Wilson Farms Jingle
(MIDI Version)
This is the original MIDI score I wrote.
I composed this piece for my Music Theory
II class at RIT. This song was later rearranged and performed by Modern Art
Camping at Darien
Written during an annual weekend camping
trip at Darien Lake State Park.
Infinite Polysynth
One of my early MIDI pieces, finished
up in 1999.
Learnin’ the Ropes
My first experiment with MOD files.
Real Music
My second MOD piece.
My last MOD file. This is a C.P.E. Bach
piece I learned for piano.

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  1. RU from OPNY? I replied to your post from a few years ago on Paul Buckley’s Blog “Controlled Explosions” earlier.

    Do U still sing @ Nativity in OP?

    Liked the CPE Bach!

    Give me a call or txt @ (716) 912-1162

    Google me or search YouTube for Istvan Hernek

  2. István,

    Yes, my wife and I both sing in the choir at Nativity under Bob Kiersz’s direction. Amanda said she’s met you several times. I’m listening to your Orchard Park Piano Concerto now…

  3. Just found you again on the internet. Gotta get together sometime.
    When you get a chance, do a youtube search for me “Istvan Hernek”.
    I’ve composed a lot of music in 2011 and uploaded a lot of it to my YouTube channel.

  4. Ugh. You’re right – a lot of the links on this page got messed up somehow. I will have to work on correcting them. Thanks for pointing that out.

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