Fun Facts About Derek

  • Full Name: Derek Joseph Punaro
  • Nicknames: Spoof (Sp00f!), D.J.
  • Number of people that still use them: 0
  • Amanda calls me: Moop
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hometown: Lancaster, NY
  • Currently living in: Holland, NY
  • Also lived in: Boston, MA; Rochester, NY; Hamburg, NY
  • Furthest Traveled From Home: Bangalore, India
  • Ethnicity: American (3/4 Polish and 1/4 Italian)
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Piercings: 0
  • Smoker: Never
  • Relationship Status: Blissfully Married
  • Siblings: One brother, one sister. Both younger.
  • Favorite Animal: Clownfish
  • Favorite Cookie: Chocolate Chip
  • Favorite Season: Autumn
  • Favorite Participant Sport: Volleyball
  • Favorite Spectator Sport: Hockey
  • Favorite Fortune Cookie Saying: “You have an unusual equipment for success, use it properly.”
  • I Still Have: Voltron toys
  • Wish I Still Had: My massive He-Man collection
  • 80s Artifact Discovered in Closet: Slap-Wrap Bracelet
  • Geocaching Stats:
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