About Amanda

Born Amanda Elizabeth Kulik in Buffalo, NY, I was the Bicentennial Baby of our family. We moved around a lot when I was a kid, from Hamburg, NY to Saratoga Springs, NY to Orchard Park, NY and now I am currently in Blasdell, NY. It’s been an interesting life so far and I am loving every minute of it!

Throughout my life there have been many constants. The biggest of which has been my family. They have always been my biggest support and needless to say I love them all very much. Next to my family have been my two closest and most dearest friends Amy and Lauren. They have been the ones who have stuck by me through all the awkward moments of growing up, dating and even got me through the happiest day of my life! Getting Married! I love them both very much for putting up with me this long!

Another lifelong blessing that has follwed me around for awhile is my voice. I have been singing since I could talk and treasure this ability. I am currently singing at Nativity of Our Lord Church as a Cantor on Saturdays and am happy to say that this is my 19th year of singing with their choir.

As if singing wasn’t enough, in High School I became involved with the color guard for the marching band. That threw me in front of crowds as large as 80,000 for the World University Games, where I actually had a solo at the opening, to instructing my own guard at West Seneca West High for two years. I performed with the Quaker Marching Band 92-94, the Erie County Fairband 92-94 (then instructed there from 95-98) and Effervescence Winter Guard 92-99. I miss performing dearly but I also know my time for that has passed. Maybe someday I’ll join a “Senior” guard and relive my youth….who knows!

So then, after I had given up on the prospects thrown to me in the dating field, I met Derek Joseph Punaro. And I told myself the day I met him that I did NOT want to marry him. Ehemmm…..so now that we’re Married I am in awe that I first of all, knew way way back then what was to come without seeing it clearly and how I could have even thought that in the first place! What can I say, Derek is the most charming, handsome, gentle, kind, loving, sweet person a woman could ever want! I love him with every fiber of my being and am so lucky that he loves me the same way back! We are truly soul mates and I wouldn’t give him up for anything on the Earth! He has a wonderful family and I am so excited that I now have a brother and a sister! They are great people I can’t wait to get to know better! I love being a part of the Punaro universe!

As for now this is me in a nutshell. Those of you who know me well have many stories I am sure to share. For those who I’ve just met, I can’t wait to make memories for us to share! Either way, I love you all and have a safe trip back to your home page

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