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100 geocaches

This was the first time this year we really got out for a geocaching adventure. We hadn’t yet made the time to even find the caches hidden near our house, so that was our mission today. We found our first one quickly, couldn’t find our second attempt, and then found six in a row.

Included in those seven finds was my 100th geocache. It may sound like a lot, but dedicated geocachers can find that many in a month. We enjoy geocaching, but we prefer to play the game when the mood strikes. Some people feel compelled to try and find a cache whenever they pass near one. With the massive number of caches that exist out there, we’d never get anywhere on time!

Anyways, 100 geocaches found is still a milestone! I still think that a GPS is an excellent purchase because of it’s versatility. It’s great for finding the nearest restaurant, not getting lost on road trips, saving gas by finding the shortest route home, and even to play this little game called geocaching, which takes you to all sorts of little niches out there you would otherwise never see.

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X marks the path

Amanda and I haven’t been doing any geocaching lately, but that doesn’t stop our travel bug from making it’s way around the world. After it’s long stint in Africa, it spent some time in Europe. In fact, at one point during my stay in Belgium, I was within about 30 miles of our bug’s hiding spot.

Now, someone has graciously decided to move our bug back across the Atlantic to… Chile. It makes for an interesting path in Google Earth:

Travel bug path to Chile

Our travel bug has now made it’s way over 25,000 miles!

Lockport Caves

Today was the first day in about three weeks where we actually had the opportunity to get out and do something fun. We decided to head up to Lockport to visit the Lockport Caves.

Lockport Caves

I wasn’t really expecting much, but we were both pleasantly surprised. You get about an hour tour that gives you some history of the Erie Canal and the area, especially the background of the businesses that were the reason the tunnel you’re touring exists. Then you get a guided walk through the cave, where your guide will point out manmade and geological elements along the way, and the tour ends with a short down and back boat ride at the end. If the day is hot, this is a great way to beat the heat, as the temperature holds around 55 degrees.

Since it’s been about two months since we’ve been able to do any geocaching, we exited the tour and took a quick walk back to the entrance to log “Remains of and Old Factory“, although the cache’s container had been stolen, so it was really the remains of Remains.

We swung back down to Amherst for dinner at Saigon Bangkok, to which Amanda had never been. Excellent Thai/Vietnamese food. Then we made our way back up to Isle View Park for a walk, and to drop off Tesko the travel bug, who we picked up in Delaware since his goal was to visit Niagara Falls. I also got a second shot at my favorite geographic photo subject – the power towers.

Power towers 1

Power towers 2

Power towers 3

After that, it was off to Cold Stone Creamery for some Delicious Dirt and some All Lovin’, No Oven (in waffle bowls, of course). Perfect way to end the day!

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Winter caching

We took a ride out to the Hamburg Recreation Center to get discount tickets for Kissing Bridge and decided to make an attempt for a geocache or two. We trudged through the snow, but determined the cache we were looking for was buried under the snow and/or frozen to the ground, so we skipped it. Amanda looked cozy, though.

Amanda caching

On our way home, we stopped at the Hamburg Town Beach to see the lake. It’s quite frozen. Here’s a couple of shots:

Amanda and a frozen Lake ErieDerek and a frozen Lake Erie

And my favorite shot of the day…

Frozen Buffalo

Before we got home, we snagged two quick caches close to our house. One of which happened to be right next to Starbucks. My first time ever caching with a grande mocha!

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