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Today’s Accomplishments

Today I have been up since 7:30am.  I have not taken a nap today, because Ariella only took a 20 minute nap this morning.  Well, I could be taking one now, but I’m writing this instead.   So far today, I have:

  1. Washed the woodwork on all the windows downstairs and the windows themselves (that’s five rather large windows) and put the screens up in all of them.
  2. Done a load of Ariella’s clothes. Cause they always seem to be dirty.
  3. Done a load of whites. Cause I think Derek’s been wearing some of my underwear to work. 😉
  4. Put flea stuff on the cat.
  5. Let the cat outside twice, and in the garage once.  This is not “real” work, except that he has never been outside on his own before, so I had to keep an eye on him.
  6. Sang songs to Ariella to entertain her.
  7. Rocked Ariella to sleep this morning for her nap.
  8. Changed Ariella’s diaper 5 times, so far.
  9. Nursed Ariella five times.  She is very distracted lately, so the sessions are a bit shorter, therefore more nursings because she gets hungry quicker.
  10. Washed the blanket on her bed along with the blanket she threw up on earlier in the week, and the throw from the couch.
  11. Put the clean dishes from the dishwasher away.
  12. Loaded the dishwasher with dirty dishes.
  13. Cleaned up cat puke off the rug in the kitchen.
  14. Washed said rug from cat puke, and around the door where he marks his territory all the time.  Actually smells clean in my kitchen for once!
  15. Made lunch for myself and Ariella.  I’ll count this as one.
  16. Washed window in front door.  Inside and out.
  17. Cleaned the upstairs toilet.
  18. Cleaned both upstairs sinks and countertop.

I still have to:

  1. Help make dinner.
  2. Take laundry in and out of the washer/dryer.
  3. Clean up from dinner.
  4. Feed Ariella – again.
  5. Give baby a bath.
  6. Put baby to sleep.

I want to still:

  1. Wash windows outside, so the sun can actually get into the room.  😉
  2. Wash upper windows inside.
  3. Vacuum out the chandelier and finally get rid of the dead flies in there.
  4. Re-make the bed in Ella’s room so it looks neat and tidy.

I’m pretty sure that is why I am sitting here staring at the computer at the moment, and writing this blog no one is going to particularly care about.  🙂

People Are Strange – a Lunch Conversation at Work

I can say that with much confidence seeing that in our senior year in high school, of all the tons of pictures that my friends and I handed in to be a part of the senior video, they put most of ours in while that song was playing. The rest of the people I hardly knew and could have cared less about.

My point is, that everyone is different and we each think that some things the rest of us do, are strange. One genre of life that this can be most seen in, is food. I mean in eating food, not just food laying around in general. 🙂

For example, at work the other day we were sitting in the cafe eating and we asked our co-worker what she had ordered for lunch. She said, “A BLT.” We all nodded and continued eating when a moment later someone asked her, “Where’s the T?” She replied, “I don’t like T, so I don’t get T on there.”

Now we were stumped. “Well then it’s not a BLT.” someone else replied. “It’s got C (cheese) on it!” someone else exclaimed. To which the woman promptly took off the top bun to her “BLT” and took all the lettuce off. “Now you’ve gone and taken all the ‘L’ off!” I exclaimed. “Yeah, I don’t like L. It tastes like dirt.” “Then why do you get it on there?” We asked. “I don’t want to make the ladies feel bad.”

“How do you order that?” we all wanted to know. “I ask for a BLT without the T and with C.” This was all very normal for her, but the rest of us were laughing at this point. “So basically you have grilled cheese with bacon on it.” I said. “Nope, bread’s toasted.” she replied. “So how do they melt the C?” Someone else asked. “Put it over the bacon.” she said.

“So when you order that, you order a ‘BCL’ on toast?” I asked. “Nah,” she answered, “that would just confuse them.”

Of course then the conversation got really intense as everyone started to examine how they liked their food. Some people don’t like ANY of their food touching while others just mash it all together. Now I’m sure that somewhere out there in psychology-land there is a book devoted to “Getting to know who you really are by the way you eat your food” but for me, I just like feeling safe in a world where some people are just strange. And they are happy that way.


AVON Calling!

I have just endeavored on a new journey. AVON! I am very excited that I will be selling one of the best known brands for high quality fragrances and cosmetics. Please support me in this experience! I would love to drop a book off to anyone, or take orders by e-mail. You can find the website at if you don’t have a book and give me your order on-line.

Campaign 8 is just about to end tomorrow and Campaign 9 ends on April 30. I would be glad to help you with any of your questions about the AVON product, so let me know if I can be of any assistance!

Job Seekers Beware!

When I quit working for my previous employer, I had all ready begun the job search. I was unemployed for most of the summer and applied for many jobs during that time. While many of them just simply did not get back to me, which I honestly expected if I wasn’t called in for an interview after the first few weeks of sending my information, I did get some return mail from a few. IN THE PAST TWO MONTHS. Now let me tell you how unprofessional I feel this is. If I applied for this job in JULY of 2006, would you not think that they would have simply let it go by now? I have been working at M&T for close to 6 months all ready and just today, January 23, 2007 received this e-mail…

Dear Candidate:

This pertains to your expression of interest in the
Special Education Trainingand Resource Center (SETRC)
Professional Development Specialist position with
Orleans/Niagara BOCES.

Another candidate has been selected to fill the vacancy.
Thank you for your interest in the position.


Wayne M. Van Vleet
Director of Labor Relations

Now, Mr. Vleet I appreciate your letting me know about not getting the position in the Orleans/Niagara BOCES program. I guessed that when I actually FORGOT about applying to you! Why would you bother sending me a letter NOW, 8 months after the fact? Did it actually take you that long to find someone? Was I even remotely considered, seeing that no one even called to grant me an interview? I understand professionalism, but 8 months later?

This is not the first letter I have received in either December or January, either. Jobs I had also forgotten about applying to have sent me letters telling me I wasn’t selected. Well, I never even had an interview! I am just confused at why they would bother to waste paper this late in the game to tell me ‘NO’. It’s like using the ‘Chewbacca Defense’, “It does not make sense!”

So, job seekers beware! Don’t expect to hear about that ‘really great opportunity’ you may feel you have when sending in resumes. It may take a while for them to get back to you.

My Morning

So this morning was like any normal Monday morning. I forgot the stuff I needed for work on a chair in the Living Room and remembered something I won’t need until I am back in my cube again, which will be after our class ends after Thanksgiving. So anyway, I drive to work and as I get closer I start hearing this strange noise. If any of you out there have a 2003 VW Jetta, you know that whirring noise when you open the drivers side door? Well it sounded like that, but while I was driving or at a light. It was intermittent, but I could almost count the seconds until it happened again. I even turned off BNL, because I heard it over the music.

So I pull into the parking lot at M&T Amherst and sit in the car with it running, took off my seatbelt and practically laid across the two seats in the front, waiting and listening for it to happen again. So when I heard it, I turned the car off, still leaning to see if I could hear it with the car off. Wouldn’t you know? I did hear it! Coming from the region of my purse. I took out my phone, was it acting up? I hear it again, not my phone. So now I’m confused for a moment until I spy my half-drunk pop peeking out of my lunch bag.

Every 15 seconds or so, it was making this squeaky, whirring noise because it needed to be burped. I felt so dumb, laying across my seat, listening to my passenger side door. I burped my pop bottle and went on my way to start an interesting Monday of training at M&T. 🙂