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Madly In Love

I have fallen madly in love – again – with my Husband. I’m not sure when it happened exactly, and I’m definitely not saying that I had fallen out of love at any point, but I think somewhere in amidst the typical day to day “stuff” you do start to take for granted what you have been blessed with.

Maybe it has something to do with the two wonderful Weddings we have attended together over the past two months. Seeing each couple so much in love, hearing those Sacred vows spoken so passionately, witnessing two people bound together in mutual joy and harmony, all of these things I remember so clearly from our own Wedding Day. Maybe it was the food and drink we had, or the good friends we were able to spend time with. Perhaps the new job Derek has taken, which could possibly move us away from friends and family that has brought our partnership as Husband and Wife more clearly into focus for me. I know for sure it happened when I saw him holding our tiny, newborn girls in his arms and every time I see him playing with them, teaching them, loving them I swoon a bit to myself.

It really doesn’t matter. I have now realized, after 9 amazing years together, how deeply in love I am with this man. How permanent a place he has in my heart, and how without him I would be lost. How wrong I was to think on our Wedding day that I could never love him more that that. Each day he teaches me something new. He holds nothing back and always guides me to the right path. We have genuine fun together as a couple and as parents. I thank God for him every day.

Just thought you should know. 🙂

The Day I Said ‘Yes’

It was nine years ago today, Easter Sunday 2002. Derek came over very early in the morning, he was singing with us at Nativity of Our Lord’s Choir by then and we were still singing the morning Mass at that time. He brought with him a huge Easter basket with him, filled with plastic eggs and a big yellow bunny.

He sat me down and asked me to open the eggs to find the candy inside. I opened a few and then stopped, but he made me continue telling me there were different candies in each egg. There were at least 30 eggs in the basket.

I kept opening them to find jelly beans, chocolates and malt balls. All the while I was thinking – this is silly, why am I opening all these eggs? Then, I got to the last egg. It was yellow and all the way on the bottom of the basket. I felt relieved, no more eggs to open!! I was extremely surprised when I opened it and found not candy but a DIAMOND ring nested in Easter grass. When I looked over at Derek, he was all ready on one knee in front of me.

The next day I went out with friends and bought my Wedding Dress, had a few halls contacted and had the church on hold. I can’t believe nine years has come and gone since that day. Derek made me the happiest I can remember being on that day and every day since.


On Sunday, Aug. 24th it was Derek and my first date anniversary.  I actually completely forgot until this morning.  Not that we celebrate each and every milestone in our history together, but I cannot believe that it has been 7 years since that fateful day!  We had met a few days before this, but this was the actual first “date” together, just the two of us.  (The story of how he asked me is funny too, maybe I’ll tell that one someday….)

Derek left work early to wash his car because he was so nervous.  He then got a little lost on his way to my house.  When he picked me up, we went to Niagara Falls – via the waking bridge over to Canada.  We walked around, I accidentally ate a bug, we shared stories of our “stalkers” at the time and of our recently failed relationships.  During our dessert at the Rain Forest Cafe, he told me his horror stories from college (those of you who know Derek well, know which I am referring to) and we ate an entire volcano.  All the while trying to devise ways to get the puffer fish to blow up for our amusement.  I believe I aso told him at that point that I was still a virgin (true story).  And on the way home, he told me how his ex wanted to get back together, realizing the mistake she had made and knowing that he was the only one for her. We did go to karaoke then where he sang “She’s So High” by Tal Bachman to me, even though I really didn’t get it at the time.  High falsetto and all!  I don’t even think there was a good night kiss at the end of that date.  A hug maybe, but I don’t think we kissed for a few more dates after that.

By all intents and purposes, I should not be wearing his ring right now, living in his house and bearing his first child.  That is how the date went.  We should have run screaming away from each other due to the conversation we were having!  But something must have clicked because here I am, sitting in our kitchen, his baby in my belly, only not wearing my Wedding rings because I am too swollen from the pregnancy to do so.

I know I say it a lot on this blog, but that is only because sometimes the love I have for this man is so great, my heart just can’t hold it in anymore.  I love Derek more than anything and without him in my life I don’t know where I would be.  That date 7 years ago gave us many good memories to look back on and laugh at.  7 months after that date, he was down on one knee proposing in my parents kitchen.  I couldn’t be more thankful than to have found him and have him in my life.

Husbands are a Wonderful Thing

I just had to give kudos to my Hubby for finding an easy way to transfer music to my Philips PSS110 Shoqbox.  Maybe the most confusing and annoying MP3 player around.  (Sorry Dad, who works for Philips now).  But perhaps that is why they stopped supporting the damn thing.  After literally hours trying to figure out how to get music off of it and then back onto it, which has been draining in the past, he found a freeware download that makes it easy as pie!

My Husband is wonderful and has really been putting up with a lot over the past 6 months with my pregnancy.  He should be sleeping in a separate bedroom by now, or drinking heavily.  But he has persevered and is even more wonderful than ever before.  I just wanted the world to know that I do notice all the things he does through my bigness and crabby temper that comes from me being huge and 6 months preggers.


The Punaro Dot

Amanda says…

Well, I will have been sick for a month this weekend. I have never been sicker in my life. EVER! When Derek took me to the doctor on Jan 24th I was sure that my appendix was going to be taken out that day. Instead, the doctor told us this:

“Well, I’m sure this wasn’t the way you were expecting to hear this, but, YOU’RE PREGNANT!”

I am currently 7 weeks today, and everything is looking fine. Except for the fact that I am nauseous ALL THE FRICKIN TIME, I could not be happier to be pregnant! We have been trying for 3 years and at the very least I am still in shock that we actually did it without help! 🙂 It is such a wonderful extension of our love and I could not be more ecstatic to be bringing this child into the world with Derek. He is going to be as wonderful a Daddy as he has been as a Husband and best friend!! 🙂

I also need to take this opportunity to thank him profusely for putting up with me for the past month now. It has been as long for me as it has been for him and he has been absolutely calm and patient with me. There is no way I would be able to still be sane without him by my side. No one else has ever made the effort to get to know me or take care of me as he always has, especially during this special and fragile time. I Love You, Derek!!!!

Derek says…

Yes – it is true! I have been putting up with Amanda for the last month now! 😉 No, but really, we are thrilled to have child number one on the way. When we found out, the baby was only the size of a poppy seed, so I christened it “Dot” (name not to be carried over post-birth). But it did offer up some humorous geeky possibilities. Should Dot have it’s own website – Then an email address of (read it out loud).

This part of the pregnancy isn’t much fun, since it mostly involves Amanda laying around feeling nauseous. Hopefully that passes within the next month as the lovely baby lump starts to grow, and then Amanda will look and feel pregnant and not just sick. Even though she “can’t understand why” I still love her when she’s doubled over a garbage can, I do. Dot too. 🙂