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My 365 Project

I received a new camera for Christmas. While it is not fancy in any means like Derek’s is – no lenses, built in flash, fits in the palm of your hand – it is very nice and actually takes pretty good pictures. So I wanted to challenge myself to use it, learn about it and actually understand how to take better pictures with it. Therefore, my 365 project. I figure if I do actually use the camera every day to take at least a few pictures, I’m bound to learn something about the camera and how it works! And have a pretty nice photo diary of the year when I’m done!


A Poem For Valentine’s Day

(Derek’s Note:  Amanda won the News Classifieds Love Poem Contest with this entry.  I’m posting it here for her.)

What You Are to Me

What you are to me is
one million Springtimes.
A walk in the park hand in hand.
Sharing moments no one else will share.

Calling just to say ‘Hello’.
Saying ‘I Miss You’ in that way
that makes me want to come
across town to make you

All the private jokes no one else
Holding you hand
Your voice. Your smile.

Hearing you mutter
‘I Love You’
in your sleep and cuddling close.

Having an awful lot of
without losing the

Knowing each other a lifetime
and not bothering to figure out why.

The fact that we own the same pair of socks.

How you make me laugh.

Everything you teach me.

I Love You.

Little Fantasies

Derek and I had a long discussion about writing Saturday morning, over chocolate chip pancakes and western omelets at the Pancake House. I was trying to explain why I felt so strongly about writing FanFiction and he in turn was explaining why he wrote the blog.

In a way, we both feel the same way about each. Passionate, and vulnerable. When Derek blogs, he discusses things that are current and inside reality. When I write, I am writing fiction, things that have never, nor will ever happen in reality. Therefore I feel that I take a chance at being looked at as a fool for spending so much time inside my stories. It won’t change anything, or make people want to become involved in something. But I enjoy it.

It’s not that I am not up on current events around Buffalo and it’s suburbs. How can I not be? I am Married to a devoted blogger. 🙂 I just love being able to take something that I enjoy and making it my own, where anything can happen, and will happen as I want it to.

So it is my pleasure, while holding my breath and trying to type with trembling hands, that I give to you the first 2 installments of my story. At Derek’s request, actually. 🙂

Little Fantasies

Ah yes, I am a geek for sure. I spent a good portion of our TiVo watching time last night looking up information on the differences between fairies and pixies. Wikipedia is definitely my friend. But why, you ask?


Yes, I am STILL writing my Labyrinth Fanfiction at . I haven’t written for such a long time and now in the course of three days I have nearly doubled my words in the story and just got up to Chapter 9. I must admit it is getting pretty good. And even I am excited about where it is going to go. Right now I have NO idea. I know what is coming in the next chapter and all, but how it will end? No clue.

It has really taken me a long time to let other people read my writings. But now that I have, the feedback I am getting is positive and it keeps me wanting to write more. Only problem is, that I am in this enthrallment now that follows me everywhere! I hear the music from the movie in my head, and I am constantly thinking about the characters and what trouble they will get into next.

I am really having a lot of fun! 🙂 Even if I am a big geek. So, if Labyrinth is one of your favorite movies, check out my story and tell me if you like it! Maybe I’ll post other stories there to finish if I can get up the courage.